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    Introduction of Four Pouring Methods in Silica Sol Precisio

      Silica Sol precision casting has four casting methods in the process of casting. In the process of vacuum suction casting, the Silica Sol precision casting can effectively place its shell in the vacuum pouring box, and effectively absorb the gas from its cavity through the tiny voids in the shell.
    Silica Sol precision casting in use can effectively make its hydraulic metal can better fill the cavity, copy the shape of the cavity, improve the accuracy of the casting to prevent the defects of blowhole and insufficient pouring.
    Silica Sol precision casting crystallizes under pressure. When it is used, the shell is effectively placed in the pressure tank for casting. When the product is finished, the pressure tank will be closed immediately. When it is used, high-pressure air or inert gas will be injected into the tank to solidify the castings under pressure, so as to increase the density of the castings.
    If the Silica Sol precision casting is made by its hot-type gravity casting, it is a kind of casting form which is widely used in the process of using. After the shell is removed from the calciner, it is poured at high temperature.
    Directional crystallization in silica sol investment casting can be improved a lot if the crystalline structure of some investment castings such as magnets and turbine blades are columnar crystals arranged in a certain direction. Therefore, directional crystallization technology in investment casting is developing rapidly.

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