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    Tangshan loshare environmental protection technology co., LTD. Is a set of precision casting, die casting, machining as one of the high-tech enterprises, 120 kilometers away from tianjin, Beijing, 150 kilometers, the transportation is convenient. Company products are widely used in electronics, electrical, hardware, architecture, medical, chemical, oil field, food machinery, automobile, military, aerospace and other industries. The company is mainly producing railway vehicle accessories, auto parts, chemical industry, food machinery, engineering machinery parts and components such as lamps and lanterns, promising prospects. Companys work environment is superior, the wax pattern, shell making workshop and the CNC numerical control lathe, machining center workshop temperature all the year round. The clean workshop specification, in strict accordance with ISO management system requirements. The company is energy efficient and environmentally friendly high-tech enterprises, the company to design an annual output of 600 tons of precision casting products, die-casting products 8000 tons. The company has modern standard workshop and Taiwan advanced precision casting production equipment; 2000 t / 1600 t / 1250 t / 800 t / 630 t / 400 t / 280 t / 160 t die-casting machine 16 sets. Has Germany bei lake spectrum analyzer, tension tester, impact tester, Mr D hardness tester, X - ray ray flaw detector, such as testing equipment, fully guaranteed the product quality. ...

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